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The first design professional coin-op self-service Launderette in the heart of Budapest! come and try now!


ONLY 990 HUF for 11kg washing including ARIEL PROFESSIONAL detergants! BUBBLES Design Coin-op Launderette is a Hungarian based easy-to-use state-of-art self-service launderette network established in July 2010 by Ensite Management Kft who reside in Budapest, Hungary. Our goals to naturalize and provide a professional self-service coin-op laundry service in a well-designed, healthy looking shop where the Customers can do they laundry fast, an effective along with industrial standard cleaning quality. BUBBLES will revolutionize a new business approach to the coin-operated laundry industry. Our method will be simple, but unique, creating an environment that is functional, but more attractive, more inviting, more convenient, with great concentration on customer service and above all, a safer and cleaner environment than the dry-cleaning services. BUBBLES provide easy-to-use laundry service with a relaxing and contemporary designed interior where the Customers can enjoy the laundry time by having coffee, chatting, surfing on the net etc. We also thought about the children therefore BUBBLES has a dedicated play area for toddlers and changing table for the babies.


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